You have made a difference!  Your contribution to the Toby Merrill Scholarship Fund gives the gift of education and friendship to a college bound student. 

Toby would be proud to know you helped fulfill his vision of providing a student with demonstrated need an opportunity to attend college.  Toby valued his education as well as the friendships he made in college that were “not four years, but a lifetime.”

Your generosity will be part of the most precious gift of all, education, for a young man or woman who lived as Toby lived: with loyalty, humility, compassion, and athleticism. Thank you for helping us to make his dream for a legacy a reality.  This scholarship is Toby’s way of saying thank you for both opportunity and support. This is your gift to him.

Your 2019 donation to the Toby Merrill Scholarship Fund will empower a young student.  This scholarship, being organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, provides no goods or services to you other than intangible mission-related benefits. Please retain this letter in your records for tax purposes. This letter serves to verify that you did not receive anything of value in exchange for your contribution. Therefore, the entire amount of your donation shall be tax-deductible.

We invite you to visit our website at www.tobymerillscholarship.orgto read about our events and progress in our inaugural year. If you have questions, please contact us at

We greatly appreciate your support and kindness.

With gratitude,

Susan Merrill  & Toby Merrill Scholarship Fund Committee Members:

  • Michael Allen

  • Bryan Furey

  • Eric Schmoyer

  • Christopher Convey

  • Anthony Leone

  • Mark Sernatinger

  • Glen Donaldson

  • Jon David Mauro

  • Andy Surtz