What is the Toby Merrill Scholarship?

The Toby Merrill Scholarship was created to help change the lives of children and make a difference through education. After a courageous 21-month fight, Toby passed away from Gastric Cancer on August 12, 2016. Through his final days, Toby was focused on developing a lasting legacy by providing financial assistance for children seeking to attend college with the goal of empowering those deserving children to reach their full potential and experience the joys of life that Toby achieved. Toby Merrill graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in 1997, where he served as a student athlete on the football team. Toby’s wife Susan is also an alumnus of F&M and now is an educator at Germantown Academy located in the greater Philadelphia area, where their two daughters attend school. Toby credits his experiences at F&M with playing a significant role in building his personal foundation and creating lifelong friendships.

The Toby Merrill Scholarship will be awarded to students exemplifying the values as defined by Toby’s life. Scholarship recipients will excel in academics, athletics, leadership and will demonstrate high character traits such as kindness and strength during times of adversity. Special consideration will be made for candidates who are experiencing personal or family issues related to cancer or bereavement.

What is the award?

$9700 per year renewable for four years if student remains in good academic and citizen standing at the college.  If the student is receiving financial aid, please note that accepting a Toby Merrill Scholarship may reduce the aid. Please contact the financial aid department for details.

What is the criteria?

Specific criteria will include a combination of the following:

• Academic Performance in high school, requiring a minimum of grade point average (GPA) of 2.5
• A letter of recommendation that speaks to your character and leadership in your school or community. The letter can be from a counselor, teacher, coach, mentor, or boss.
• Elected positions of leadership or awards received for community involvement
• Financial need based on household income or deceased, ill parents/guardians
• Personal interviews

Special consideration will be made for candidates who are experiencing personal or family issues related to cancer or bereavement.

What are the requirements if I receive the award?

In order to maintain their scholarship during the four year term, recipients must satisfy the following requirements:

•Remain enrolled in a four (4) year college approved by the organization

•Achieve a minimum GPA established at the time of the Scholarship Award

•Perform a minimum of ten (10) hours of community service per year

•Provide at least semi-annual periodic updates of that individuals’ collegiate experience to the Toby Merrill Scholarship Fund (which may be shared with existing and prospective donors in newsletters, website and social media platforms)

What does a complete application entail?

1.       Application

2.       Two essays