JULY 2019



Grace has demonstrated excellence as a leader, a student, an athlete, and as a volunteer throughout her time at Elizabethtown High School. Grace was the captain of the Varsity Volleyball team and led her team to a second place finish in their section. Due to her excellence on the court, she received the team Offensive Award, Captain’s Award, and the Player’s Award. Grace was also an outstanding student who received awards in Honors English, Honors Chemistry, and Honors Anatomy and Physiology. In between leading her volleyball team and excelling in the classroom, Grace also made time to work with students who had disabilities in her school. Grace embodies Toby’s traits of loyalty, humility, athleticism, and compassion. These characteristics are what we look for in the perfect candidate and were exactly what we found in Grace.

In the Fall, Grace will begin her college career at Pitt Honors College. She chose Pitt because it will give her an opportunity to conduct research and also to work in the community as a volunteer. Her goal is to major in molecular biology with the intent to follow the pre-med track. Grace told us that her, “dream would be to work on cancer research.” Grace and her family suffered an incredible loss when her mother passed away, but Grace found strength in her family and her teammates. She has remained positive and is ready for the challenges that await her at Pitt and as a student of medicine. Grace is an inspiration to us and we are proud to be able to support her as she begins this next chapter in her academic career.